Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the moderators.

  1. 鼓勵 各類公共化的討論與平等有效的交流;並善用 CW 功能。 [EN] Support all kinds of public discussion and equal and effective communication; and make good use of CW content alert function.
  2. 鼓勵 關注的力量。作爲私人的個體來到一起,形成公衆! [EN] The power of concern. As private individuals coming together to form a public!
  3. 零容忍 種族主義或鼓吹種族主義。 [EN] Racism or the promotion of racism is absolutely not allowed.
  4. 零容忍 性別歧視或對性別歧視的主張。 [EN] Absolutely no sex discrimination or advocacy of sex discrimination will be tolerated.
  5. 零容忍 仇外和/或極端的民族主義。 [EN] Xenophobia or extreme nationalism is absolutely not allowed.
  6. 零容忍 散佈破壞公共健康的虛假信息或陰謀論。 [EN] The dissemination of false information or conspiracy theories that undermine public health will not be tolerated.
  7. 自由傳播,自由批評,自由信自由不信。好好說話! [EN] Free to spread, free to criticize, free to believe, free to disbelieve. Talk well!